Rife Wellness Frequencies

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Normalize pineal gland, growth hormone, circulation and more! 
This exciting panel has specific Hz frequencies for things such normalize lymph functionstimulate the healing of nervesstimulate the healing of muscles, create the reinforcement of DNA Integrity, stimulate increased lymph system circulation and more! Each Hz frequency for the particular out come has been entered! Use these frequencies in conjunction with your cases to create a specific effect.
These are all specific Hz frequencies and this panels includes the following:
Normalize Endocrine Function
Normalize Hypothalamus Function
Normalize Immune System Function
Normalize Colon Function
Normalize Thyroid Function
Normalize Progesterone Levels
Normalize Estrogen Levels
Normalize Testosterone Levels
Normalize Pancreas Function
Normalize Kidney Function
Normalize Blood Pressure
Normalize Nervous System Function 
and more....! 

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