Rife App (for IOS or Android)

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 The Rife App is a program that runs complex Hz frequencies, many of the ones that Rife did research on, or since Rife have become known for being able to achieve certain effects. The advantage of using the Rife App is that it has some many pre-programmed frequencies. You can just touch one button and get results. Refer to the full database PDF listing of everything in your Rife program in order to understand what is in the program. 

For example, if you choose hypothyroid, the program will cycle through the following Hz frequencies. 
Hypothyroid - 12, 35, 16000, 10000, 160, 80, 20
The Rife program cycles through all of these frequencies. In addition, there is an overlay of tones called the Bija Mantra tones. The Bija mantras themselves are one-syllable sounds that, when said out loud, activate the energy of the chakras in order to purify and balance the mind and body. There are Hz frequencies associated with these sacred sounds. These Hz frequencies are also cycled during the generation of the tones for Hypothryoid. This overlay seems to both purify and potentiate the generation of this frequency. 
The 7 sounds of the bija mantras are as follows:
Lam - Chakra 1 - the root chakra
Vam - Chakra 2 - the sacral/navel chakra
Ram - Chakra 3 - the solar plexus
Yam - Chakra 4 - the heart chakra
Ham - Chakra 5 - the throat chakra
Om - Chakra 6 - the brow chakra
Om - Chakra 7 - the crown chakra 
Many of the practitioners find the Rife App surprisingly effective when working with clients. They sometimes put the Rife App on a different device in order to work in tandem with the Genius and the Rife at the same time. 
At the top right of the app, is blue box and inside are numbers. This is the number of seconds you would like to run that program for. You need not run each of these for more than 60 seconds at a time. Each of these programs is both subtle and powerful. 
The + sign at the top left is an exciting new addition to the Rife program. Enter the name of a condition for which you would like to create your own Rife frequency. Enter the Hz numbers in the box below and the press the Save button. Create the new frequencies that you want! Amazing!  








Rife App (for IOS or Android)

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