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Phytoembryotherapy is a branch of phytotherapy that specifically incorporates plate embryological (buds and young shoots) containing "plant meristem" cells. These are undifferentiated and fast dividing cells that contain the plant's genetic blueprint and material! Sound like stem cells anyone? 
These embryotic tissues contain powerful phytochemicals including growth factors and plant hormones. These are enzymes, nucleic acids, polyphenols and flavonoids. These embryological tissues are also utilized because their energetic components are at their highest level of efficacy when then are harvested in the spring - the most active phase of the growth cycle! 
This is a truly exciting library for testing and for providing the subtle frequencies of these powerful remedies. 
There are 32 Single Phytogens (complete guide of how each of the remedies are used)
There are 42 Combination Phytogens (complete guide of how each of the remedies are used).


Powerful phytogens work on both the physical and energetic level. They are the stem cells of plants and contain the highest healing potential.

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