Oil On Point Series

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Powerful Testing Library for Quick Resolution

Young Living Essential Oils and Carolyn Mein Points 

This is a transformational panel includes an incredible 300  combinations of Young Living Essential Oils on key points from the book by Carolyn Mein. Using this panel, you are able to access an incredibly precise oil and point for yourself or your client. The precise access point makes your harmonizing go much more quickly. We have found with this panels that the resolution of the issue, such acute issues, may resolve in minutes. This panel has become a "go to" for Genius practitioners to both give important messages about a case as well as being having an efficacy that can help you in case resolution. 

Highly recommended is Carolyn's book: Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils available at her website. (Purchase through Dr. Mein's website if you are able to, to support her work, vs ordering through suppliers such as Amazon)

Here are examples of the 250 combinations included in this testing panel:

  • Abundance on laryngeal prominence point
  • Awaken on bone marrow point 
  • Awaken on sacral door point
  • Blue tansy on hormone point
  • Brain power on hippocampus point
  • Digize on appendix point
  • Dill on pancreas point
  • Idaho balsam fir on GV20
  • Inner Child on DNA point
  • Lavender on skin point
  • Legacy on connector point
  • Lemon on sinus point
This system uses Young Living Essential Oils

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