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Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils Class Series

Hosted by Dr. Ariel Policano with Special Guest Dr. Carolyn Mein! 



*** Free Body Type Assessment on the Carolyn Mein website! ***

*** Free Guide to the Top 10 Emotional Clearing Oils! ***


Our 4 Part Series begins on February 11th, Monday, at 7pm Pacific and goes for 3 consecutive Mondays for a total of 4 Sessions. 


Class 1 - Why Essential Oils? Live Case Analysis

  • How can you release the pain of emotional wounds for good? 
  • What is the Body Type system and why does it related to the release of emotional patterns? How can you better recognize your emotional pitfalls and begin avoiding them. 
  • Why are Young Living Oils key in the emotional release process? 
  • How can this process be accelerated with the use of Resonance Biofeedback? 


Class 2 - The Truth about Infections

  • Did you know that fungi, viruses and other infections exist for a reason? 
  • Learn prominent emotional patterns and lessons related to these all too common infections in today's world.  
  • Learn more about Dr. Mein's system of body points, why they were chosen and how they work. 
  • Live Case Analysis with Dr. Mein doing live interpretation of the case results on the Genius.  


 Class 3Understanding the Emotions, Affirmations and "The Way Out" 
  • Learn how the frequencies of Young Living Oils help to set someone up for a more positive experience. 
  • Learn how the emotional lesson, the oil, the Way Out and the affirmation are all related.  


Class 4 - The fastest way to Emotional Release and Powerful Transformation
  • Live Case Analysis with Dr. Mein doing live interpretation of the case results on the Genius.  
  • See how cases are done with Resonance Biofeedback and how they tell the greater story of the person's emotional blocks and begin to powerful open up the energy for greater healing! 
This system uses Young Living Essential Oils

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