Master Your Health - Level 2 - Customized Panels Only

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Get Customized Panels and Get Better Results!

To test with the Quantum Infinity, Customized Panels in Natural Health can greatly expand your reach and your results. 

 These Customized Panels have been developed by Dr. Ariel Policano based on her 12 years practice in naturopathic medicine. Here is a full list of all the panels that you receive with this special package.

100 panels for testing from Master Your Health - Level 2 

Panels that expand your use of the Risks Category.


  • Reducing Stress and Balancing Emotions - 1
    - Includes Anxiety, Depression and PTSD Panels.
  • Anxiety Assessment, Anxiety Solutions, Depression Assessment, Depression Solutions, PTSD Assessment, PTSD Solutions, Stress Assessment, Stress Solutions. 
  • Methylation and Genomics 2
    - Includes lab testing panels blood count, chemistry panel, cholesterol panel, methylation panel.  
  • Panels Included: Methylation Nutritional Support, Methylation Profile. 
  • Discover Your Inner Microbiome 
    Reduce inflammation, balance your hormones, improve your mood all by nourishing the gut microbiome.
  • Panels included: Microbiome 1 Healthy Gut Bacteria, Microbiome 2 Less Favorable Bacteria, Microbiome 3 Replenishment. 
    Healing Addictions with Biofeedback - 4
    Addiction Assessment, Addiction Assessment 2 Neurotransmitters, Addiction Assessment 3 Emotional, Addiction Assessment 4 Brain, Addiction Assessment 5 Type, Addiction Assessment 6 Thought Patterns, Addiction Assessment Brain Health, Addiction Solutions 1 Nutrition. 
    Weight Loss with the Quantum Infinity - 5 
    Weight Release 1 Core Elements, Weight Release 2 Assessment, Weight Release 3 Systems, Weight Release 4 Affirmations, Weight Release 5 Emotions, Weight Release 6 Solutions, Weight Release 7 Brown Fat, Weight Release 8 Vitamins, Weight Release 9 Minerals, Weight Release Amino Acids, Weight Release Essential Oils, Weight Release Food Plans, Weight Release Practices, Weight Release Superfoods. 
  • What is really causing weight gain today? Effects of sugars, carbohydrates and glycemic factor. Obesogens in the world today. Hormones and influence on weight. Effect of muscle mass on weight. Effects of stress on weight gain. Electromagnetic frequencies and the effect on the thyroid. Adrenal, thyroid and hormone connection to weight gain. Pineal gland, growth hormone and importance of proper sleep. 
    Balance Hormones with the Quantum Infinity - 6 
    PCOS assessment, PCOS Hormones, PCOS Solutions, Fertility Assessment, Fertility Solutions, Hormone Conditions, Hormone Solutions, Hormone Assessment, Men's Hormones, Men's Hormonal Remedies, Menopause Assessment 1 Hormones, Menopause Assessment 2 Lifestyle, Menopause Assessment Yin Deficiency, Menopause Solutions, Fibroid Assessment, Fibroid Solutions. 
    Anti-aging for Skin and Preventing Skin Cancer - 7
    Skin Assessment Panel, Skin Assessment Panel Physiology, Skin Cancer Assessment Panel, Skin Cancer Solutions Panel, Skin Solutions. 
    Creating a Success Quantum Feedback Practice - 8 
    Systems Inquiry Core Source Issue, Systems Inquiry Grading, Systems Inquiry Lifestyle Support, Systems Inquiry Under The Hood. 
    Respiratory Conditions and Working with the Breath - 9 
    Resiratory 1 Anatomy, Respiratory 2 Breathing Practices, Respiratory 3 Herbal Solutions. 
    Natural Vision Correction and Maximizing Your Hearing for Life - Level 10 
    Vision Assessment 1, Vision Assessment Eye Muscles, Vision Assessment Eye Anatomy, Vision Solutions. Hearing Assessment, Hearing Assessment Chinese Medicine, Hearing Assessment Conditions. 
    Heal Your Gut - Turnkey Program for the Quantum Infinity - Level 11 
    Gut Assessment, Gut Solutions, Gut Assessment Food Allergies, Gluten Assessment Grain Sensitivity, Gluten Assessment Protein Sensitivity, Gluten Assessment Sensitivity Root Cause. 
    Celebration of Learning - Level 12
    Bonus Panels: Violet Flame, Vitality, Crystals

Once payment is completed, panels will be sent right to your device! 

Enjoy the ability to easily test all aspects many aspects of energetic health with these panels! 






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