Intention Motivator

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 Get the Intention Motivator! 

- Manifest your goals, dreams and aspirations with this exciting tool!

- Experience the power of subtle healing energies, long distance healing, solfeggio tones and kaleidoscopic fractal animations.

- Based on the same principles as a 24/7 prayer wheel. Intention motivator incorporates solfeggio tones, binaural beats and fractal animations. 

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App To Tap Into Universal Energy
Allows for 24/7 Healing & Balancing
Taps Into Vedic "Science of Light" Principles
Learn Valuable Clues To Your Life’s Journey
Voice Harmonic Remedy
Converts Your Voice To A Vibrational Remedy
Healing Kaleidoscopic Fractal Animations
Experience Healing Power Of Fractals
Magnify Your Session Goals
Using Ancient Healing Principles
Intention Motivator

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