Heart Health Stress Disturbance Assessment/Solutions

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Heart and Blood Pressure Course with Customized Panels

These customized testing panels are designed to look at many aspects of circulatory and cardiovascular health for your Genius Insight. They include the following:

Blood Pressure 1 Mineral Assessment
Blood Pressure 2 Mineral Solutions
Blood Pressure 3 Kidney Assessment
Blood Pressure 4 Kidney Solutions
Blood Pressure 5 Vessel Health
Blood Pressure 6 Vessel Solutions
Blood Pressure 7 Lifestyle Assessment
Blood Pressure 8 Lifestyle Solutions
Blood Pressure 9 Methylation
Heart Health 1 Assessment
Heart Health 2 Frequencies Affirmations
Heart Health 3 Frequencies Metaphysical
Heart Health 4 Frequencies Physical
Heart Health 5 Solutions
Heart Health 6 Essential Oils
Heart Health Cholesterol Assessment
Heart Health Cholesterol Solutions

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