Heart Health Assessment Panels

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Heart Health and Blood Pressure Customized Panels


These customized testing panels are designed to look at many aspects of circulatory and cardiovascular health for your Genius Insight . They include the following:


Blood Pressure 1 Mineral Assessment

Blood Pressure 2 Mineral Solutions

Blood Pressure 3 Kidney Assessment 

Blood Pressure 4 Kidney Solutions

Blood Pressure 5 Vessel Health 

Blood Pressure 6 Vessel Solutions

Blood Pressure 7 Lifestyle Assessment 

 Blood Pressure 8 Lifestyle Solutions

Blood Pressure 9 Methylation 

Heart Health 1 Assessment

Heart Health 2 Frequencies Affirmations

Heart Health 3 Frequencies Metaphysical

Heart Health 4 Frequencies Physical

Heart Health 5 Solutions

Heart Health 6 Essential Oils

Heart Health Cholesterol Assessment

Heart Health Cholesterol Solutions


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