Dermatomes: Harmonizing viruses program

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Use the dermatomes and harmonize viruses
Dermatomes are areas of the skin where sensory nerves (that detect touch and temperature) from a single spinal nerve root. The harmonizing effects of this is to work on that area of skin and also the spinal nerve that it innervates (gives nerve supply to). 
Use the dermatomes for the following:
- Chronic viruses, because they often lie dormant within the spinal nerves. This is why a shingles rash often appears in a dermatomal pattern. It is because it is active within that spinal nerve.
- For shingles outbreak.
- For Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
- For back issues, including pain and stiffness.
- For any musculoskeletal issues in order to tonify the spinal nerves.
- For digestive issues, as even the digestive organs are innervated by the spinal nerves. 
- For any nervous system conditions.
- For an overall tonification of the body.
- Use in all chronic cases to optimize the spinal nerves.
- Use in all skin conditions
Panels included: 
Dermatomes 1 - Dermatomes
Dermatomes 2 - Viruses (viruses that commonly lie dormant in the spinal nerves). 
Dermatomes 3 - Virus Solutions
Panel 1 gives  you all the dermatomes so you are aware of which areas to work on. Panel 2 identifies the viruses which are very likely dormant within the spinal nerve Panel 3 identifies the viral solutions, such as licorice, lomatium, berberine and more that are commonly used to clear viruses. 
Use this panel for any of the above purposes! Use it everyday as a way to tonify all aspects of the nervous system. This series of panels works well the the Nervous System series and the Spinal Energy within the main part of the program. 
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Dermatomes: Harmonizing viruses program

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