Cardiovascular Panel Package

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Cardiovascular Customized Panel Package


The cardiovascular customized package is an excited group of panels for your Quantum ILife Infinity. I highly recommend these panels for testing in the area of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, valve issues, blood sugar imbalances and more!!!
Includes the following panels:
Heart Anatomy
Blood Pressure 1 Minerals 
Blood Pressure 2 Mineral Solutions
Blood Pressure 3 Kidneys
Blood Pressure 4 Kidney Solutions
Blood Pressure 5 Vessel Health
Blood Pressure 6 Vessel Solutions
Blood Pressure 7 Lifestyle
Blood Pressure 8 Lifestyle Solutions
Blood Pressure 9 Methylation 
Heart Health 1 Assessment
Heart Health 2 Frequencies Affirmations
Heart Health 3 Frequencies Metaphysical
Heart Health 4 Frequencies Physical
Heart Health 5 Solutions
Heart Health 6 Essential Oils
Heart Health Cholesterol Assessment
Heart Health Cholesterol Solutions
Includes video describing the basics of using these panels. For more advanced information, check out the Heart Health Webinar Series
Cardiovascular Panel Package

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