Business of Biofeedback Series: Make Money with the Genius

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Register for this series if you are interested in a turnkey system that assists you in taking you from beginning to end with setting up your subscription service. Get a set of creates Genius Processes for your subscription offerings. Learn how to do this in a systemetized and organized way for your clients. Get the success you have been craving! One student sold $2000 in sessions in ONE email at the end of the course!

This program is taught in 3 fully downloadable classes with notes and fillable forms that you can use for your client cases! Do remote sessions from anywhere in the world and sent to anyone in the world. Make money while you uplift lives! Make $200-$500/month or more with our subscription generating program.

Vee's client said: After receiving the Pain Disturbance Usually I range from 10 to 12 on a pain scale-24/7. 2 full days now and I have held pretty much on a 3-4 level! Head & chest are very clear. I have actually been sleeping, something I haven't done in a very long time. I have fibromyalgia, and have lots of fibro fluid built up. With the help of Biofeedback, the fluid has decreased immensely, something pills have yet been able to do. I have a new outlook on life!

  • Your Subscription Turnkey Program. Includes 8 incredible frequency programs that you can run for your client on Quick Balance. Includes Rife frequencies and much more!How to create your subscription service and generate monthly income.
    1. Weight Loss and Supercharge Metabolism Program
    2. Stress Release and Deep Relaxation Program
    3. Peaceful Sleep Promotion Program
    4. Pain Disturbance Harmonization Program
    5. Anti-aging and Rejuvenation Program
    6. Money Magnetizing Program
    7. Inflammation Disturbance Reduction Program
    8. Brain Optimized and Cognitive Enhancement Program
  • How to market and grow your subscription service.
  • How to set up your payment system.
  • Menu of Programs Available - How to follow and easy step by step process
  • Using your Quanta Capsule for your Subscription Service.
  • Use the Quanta Capsule as a powerful marketing tool!
  • Includes all PDF's for your Program Menu 
  • Creating subscription service without the Quanta Capsule
  • All sessions recorded and in the learning portal for you to easily review along with all Program Menu PDF'
Learn the skills of business and make money with the Genius.

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