Business of Biofeedback: How to Make Money with your Genius

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Are you an enthusiastic practitioner of the Genius Biofeedback System? Would you like to share your passion with others? Would you like to make money in that process? Join us for this special 2 part series of how to make money with biofeedback! In this course you will learn:

- How to speak about biofeedback in terms that people easily understand and resonate with. 

- How to offer sessions and products that keep you very safe as a biofeedback practitioner - emotional clearing, chakra adjustments and more. 

- How to create Biofeedback Subscription Programs that you offer to people for offline, long-distance sessions. A subscription package can offer your client once a week, twice a week or more session where you send them specific frequencies to achieve their goal. After the session, you send them a specific report showing them what you ran and the results you have. Special forms will be given to you during class, which you can change and personalize for your own practice. 

- Optimize your use of the Quanta Capsule.

- Create water remedies for purposes such as EMF protection, Emotional Clearing. Create special home clearing sprays and more. 

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Business of Biofeedback: How to Make Money with your Genius

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