Is a Vaccine the answer for Alzheimer's?

"There is no cure or disease modifying solutions at this time", says the speaker. As artificial intelligence advances, you should be ready for the likes of which are explained in this bizarre presentation. There will be technology that can monitor every part of your biology at every second of the day. There will be hundreds, possibly thousands of new "solutions" to disease as a result of all this new information and computing ability to make sense of the data. But is this the future we want? Is it at all aligned with the truth that we heal ourselves from within and not from billion dollar patented technologies? 

However, is this the solution that we want? There is a fundamental difference of philosophy going on and perhaps a polarizing one. What is the answer to the following questions. "Where does true healing come from?" If true healing comes from advances in technology, then you may have subscribed to the idea that true healing comes from the outside. If you believe in the concept that you heal yourself, that biofeedback is basically a catalyst to this healing, then you find yourself in the camp where true healing comes from within. And all efforts should be made to bolster this effort for an individual to heal him or herself. This means to encourage a person to have a healthier lifestyle and to improve their diet and their body in such a way that allows more circulation, for example, in the case of Alzheimer's. 

We also must, on a fundamental level, believe that illness and disease is a departure from our most natural state of being. It is hard, actually to become sick! It is easy to become well. It is only when we have made a marked departure from our heart, from our true state of being in the world, that illness shows up. As such, it is merely a marker for you to have the opportunity to make a change. It is the signal that asks you to reevaluate. You must get this message and make the change in order for the healing to be whole and complete. 

It is my assertion that healing from the outside, prompted by a pharmaceutical medication, does not have this same effect. Sometimes, when this medication is taken, it could trigger the feeling within that by taking the medication you will then be healed. So, the substance accidentally acts as a catalyst for you to create the healing with in. Of course, this is the placebo effect and we know this to be more powerful than anything on earth. 

Today we have many, many guides, gurus, teachers and more who are showing us day in and day out that healing comes from within. It is the only true source of healing. You make yourself sick. You make yourself well. Illness does not spark from some mysterious and unknown black hole. We already have all the answers. If you use resonance biofeedback, it is an agent that helps you to have more of this internal dialogue and ultimately you heal yourself.

So, for us who are steeped in this paradigm, to see this "other world" technological dive into something like a worldwide vaccine for Alzheimer's, it is deeply troubling. These are not illnesses that have no other solution. We know that lifestyle changes can have plenty of implications for preventing this disease, but we have to tell the truth.

Consuming animals and consuming oils and processed foods are potent contributors to lack of circulation, which certainly then applies to the brain. We have to understand this first before anything else. More exercise in a world that is increasingly sedentary also needs to be part of the conversation. Coming more into connection with our emotions and clearing past trauma, again, these are the things that need more discussion than newly patentable technologies. 

The company represented by this woman has contributed to over 4 billion vaccinations of pigs, so that humans can consume more pork. Looking at both the implications of meat on circulation and the possibility of increased infections or parasites from consuming this disease, I have to scratch my head in wonder of the oodles of conflicts popping up here along with the cognitive dissonance of the entire plan. 

Please watch the video and let me know if you believe that vaccinations and constant monitoring of bodily function is the heaven on earth we are looking for from the future.