Activate Your Brain Microtubules for a Quantum Leap forward!

New discoveries about the connection between quantum physics, consciousness and the microtubules in the brain give us hints about how to experience a quantum leap forward in longevity and vitality!

Check out the original article at Nassim Haramein’s site: Resonance.IS

When you consider the power of quantum biofeedback, using technologies such as the Genius, we are constantly guided and informed of why and how biofeedback works along with human consciousness by learning about quantum physics.

We learn that everything in the human body is not static in any way. We much more wave form, much more energy than we are solid density. We are way beyond what we appear to be. Learning the principles of quantum physics allows us to have eyes to see this. What this means is that every frequency we run has the potential to profoundly change us. We are dynamic beings, responding powerfully to the frequencies around us. We also create frequencies through words. So frequencies from the Genius and even our own words and thoughts are all powerful agents of change in a body that has infinity possibilities and potentials in the present moment. These frequencies, thoughts, mantras and affirmations are also imprinting the water within our being and at a cellular level this turns out to be very important. In fact, at the very level of the microtubule - where consciousness may live - water is immensely important.

We already know that the DNA can be influenced and shifted. For example, in James Oschman’s book, Energy Medicine, he states:

The movement of DNA is electronic, not ionic. DNA molecules are referred to as quantum wires and can function as antennas.”

All of this means that every aspect of us is very changeable. And that we have the power to create this change. Quantum biofeedback gives us a technology that is a vehicle to making that change. This is because we are using a technology, such as the Genius to direct the frequencies that we want to the places that we want them to go. We can further benefit from this newly discovered information about the truth of the human body, as really more wave, more energy than physical density, in the new information about the brain microtubules.

Today we are looking at the article published at, called: Confirmation of Quantum Resonance in Brain Microtubules

The basic summary of the findings: Consciousness derives from quantum vibrations in microtubules, which are protein polymers inside brain neurons, which both govern neuronal and synaptic function, and connect brain processes to self-organizing processes in the fine scale - to proto-conscious’ quantum structure of reality.

Have you ever wondered what true intelligence is? Were you aware that you could tap into all-knowing consciousness through meditation, by entering into the “vacuum”. In some ways, tapping into the Genius is tapping into this all-knowing consciousness. Though much can be derived from book learning, there is an inner knowing that has access to everything in the universe. This research is explaining the mechanics of how this is true at the level of the microtubules in the brain.

Understanding Microtubules 101.

From a strict, biologicial definition, microtubles are major components of the cell structural skeleton. They are part of the cell’s skeleton, the structure of the cell. They are rigid hollow rods approximately 25 mm in diameter. Like actin filaments, microtubules are dynamic structures that undergo continual assembly and disassembly within the cell. they function to determine cell shape and in a variety of movements, including some forms of cell locomotion, the intracellular transport of organelles, and the separation of chromosomes during mitosis. From this basic perspective, in the body microtubules are part of the structure of the cell and they play a rather important part in cell division and replication.

This video can give you a greater idea about the microtubules in the body as to how they are related to cell division. Think of microtubules as transmitters of information in the body. This video only describes the more generic function of microtubules, not the brain function of the microtubules. 

Brain microtubules are distinct

If there are regular microtubules, how do these brain microtubules play a different role? How are they different? There is a wonderful article by Dr. Jon Lieff entitled, “Are the microtubules the Brain of the Neuron?”

In the article, he says, “Microtubules may be the brains of the cell, particularly neurons - operating like a computerized Lego set. They are large complex scaffolding molecules that work closely with the other rapidly changing structure molecules…in neurons, microtubules respond instantly to mental events and constantly build and take down elaborate structures for the rapidly changing axons and dendrites of the synapses.” What might be the nature of something that can so rapidly transmit this information?

He goes on, "The control of the microtubule function is extremely complex, establishing and maintaining the architecture of the neuron. The control is distributed throughout the cell, which brings up the question of where the central control is to respond to mental events in such detailed and complex ways. They are highly regulated in terms of the number, length, allocation, exact positioning and placement. Abnormalities in any of these functions leads to brain disease. Mutations in the proteins that hold the microtubules in place, such as tau are critical for the development of major neurodegenerative diseases. The motors that move material along the microtubule highways—dyneins and kinesins—and regulators of these motors—dynactins—can produce other brain diseases. Defective transport in the axon is associated with ALS, Alzheimer’s, and multiple sclerosis.”

The microtubules are responding at an incredible speed to mental events. We are only now beginning to understand how this works and that it is related to a much more dynamic process than we had previously understood.The new research about the microtubules suggest that EEG rhythms (brain waves) also derive from deeper level microtubule vibrations, and that from a practical standpoint, treating brain microtubule vibrations could benefit a host of mental, neurological, and cognitive conditions.

Here are some of the highlights of the findings:

  • High temperature quantum mechanical vibrations were measured in brain neurons.
  • They found that the frequency oscillation of microtubules measured at 1 MHZ oscillation of electrical dipole moments of free electrons and conformational switching.
  • They found that this frequency may cause wave interference that may give rise to the characteristic shape of the electrical oscillations of the brain that are correlated with conscious awareness, specifically a new kind of electroencephalographic signal EEG of 40 Hz - 4 Hz nested gestalts (gamma and delta oscilations, respectively) referred to as beat frequencies.
  • Gamma frequencies have been correlated with consciousness. Could this explain the mechanism of how we have flashes of new awareness?
  • With these quantum vibrations, microtubules can become entangled across neuronal networks via interconnecting channels, called gap junctions, which physically link neurons together. This entanglement may have a greater implication for how the brain or learning works.
  • Quantum-based mechanics appear to now support the theory that the brain is the place where consciousness is located or at least its inception point.

This research about the microtubules also highlighted the important connection of water to the entire equation of brain function and consciousness.

Water’s role in the brain

  • Water is important in information processing operations within the brain and body.
  • The research team discovered an “Atomic water channel controlling remarkable properties of a single brain microtubule”.The research team reported on the experimentation involving the highly ordered water within the cylindrical cavity of the microtubule lumen. They found that when water was evacuated from the central chamber, the microtubule ceased to exhibit strong correlation across the macromolecular assembly of tubulin subunits.
  • This strongly suggests that water is playing a central role in coordinating the behavior of multiple subunits of the microtubule and in effect making it function as a single molecule. This is a highly Quantum-life effect.
  • As Nassim Haramein has suggested, water is integral to long-range coherence and orchestration of cellular information processes correlated with conscious awareness. Though it is not discussed in this research, there is also the concept that water is highly impressionable. It is integrating frequencies from all around and water can be programmed. In our current model of quantum biofeedback practice, we think about the frequencies from the Genius, the thoughts of the practitioner, the thoughts of the client and the words that the client may say to themselves as now all having an influence on the water and that this water has an immensely important role to play.
  • Microtubules are truly remarkable macromolecular structures of the biological system, so it is no wonder that a number of researchers have taken a keen interest in them.
  • There are a number of organized systems of matter that obey the Schwarzschild condition of a black hole, and when they are plotted on a graph for frequency vs radius, a trend line emerges, in which structures from the cosmological to the sub-atomic size show a definite scaling ratio.
  • What’s remarkable is that microtubules were found to lie dead-center on the trend line, occupying the equiposition between the ultra-large, and the ultra-small - the macrocosmos and the microcosmos.
  • It is of interest that the microtubules of eukaryotic cells, have a length of 2X10-8 cm and have an estimated vibrational frequency of 10 to the 9th to 10 to the 14th Hz lie quite close to the line specified by the scaling law and intermediate between the stellar and atomic scales. 


We now recognize that the brain microtubules may be a vehicle for consciousness in the human body. This may be the actual mechanical way that we connect with the “vacuum” or everything else that is in the universe. As above, so below. As inside, so elsewhere. It is likely that the entire universe is contained within us. From more practical level, we also realize that sending energy and harmonizing the microtubules and all the parts of the microtubules (the various types of tubulin) and the signaling molecules (kinesins and dyeneins) may have great benefit for the functioning of the brain and the nervous system.

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