Biofeedback Practitioner Training

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Biofeedback Practitioner Training 
Level 1 
Are you ready to turn your passion for biofeedback into a money-making successful business? This is the class that will show you how! 
 Are you interested in making anywhere from $2,000-$10,000 per month in a biofeedback practice? Biofeedback practitioners charge between $45-$200 per session. The best strategy is to sell a series of sessions so that both you and your client have made a commitment toward their healing! This is a great financial success strategy for your practice and for better outcomes. 
Class begins on Tuesday, September 21st at 5pm PACIFIC time (7pm CENTRAL, 8pm EASTERN) and runs for 7 subsequent Tuesdays after that. If you cannot make a session, it will be sent to you in a recorded form within 24 hours of the class. You can review the recording as many times as you want. Try the Easy Installments option to get started for just $97 per month! 
Want to chat or get your questions answered? Call Dr. Ariel Policano at 866-276-7788 or email at
20 special Custom Libraries will be included in this practitioner program just for making your sessions as powerful as possible! 
Class 1 - Creating a Success Plan for your Biofeedback Practice 
-Begin with Success in Mind and get ready to create the most powerful vision plan for your success as a biofeedback practitioner! 
-What is biofeedback? 
-How to talk about what biofeedback does and what it does not.
-What to expect from a biofeedback session and what not to expect from one. 
-Understanding what the Genius is really doing when testing and when harmonizing. 
-How to be a practitioner.
-Ethics in dealing with clients; how to conduct yourself as a practitioner
-Case presentation with a class participant
Class 2 - Getting Your Basic Skills Sharpened
-Learn how to start a session, how long to run frequencies for and how often to do sessions each week for your clients! 
-How to set up a session
-How many sessions to do with a person
-How long a session takes
-How to create a series of sessions
-Paperwork and getting intake forms done
-Creating your business brand and how you will sell/market yourself
Class 3 - Joyfully Making Money - Success Strategies 
-Basic functions of the Genius and how to use them
-Strategies for beginning a session, for how to test, how long to run the harmonizing frequencies and how to get the best results. 
-The most productive balancing protocols and why they work.
- Strategies for placing items in the Main Hold Tray and balancing in Progressive Insights. 
Class 4 - Nuts and Bolts You Need for Successful Outcomes
-What it means to be a practitioner including the ethics of your practice.
- Tools you need to set up a practice
-What to charge
-Session strategies
-Explaining expectations for results
-Creating an introductory presentation
Class 5 - Business Skills
-How to set up a sole proprietorship/bank account
-How to set up books like the program Quickbooks
-How to collect money including options such as Square and Paypal
-How to get a Square, Paypal merchant account etc
-Creating intake forms and how to make them work best for you
Class 6 - Marketing Skills
-What a funnel is and how to keep it full! 
-Marketing and Selling Biofeedback
-Setting up a website
-Giving presentations 
-FB, Facebook live, YouTube,  and Instagram
Class 7 - What is your niche? 
-What is your area of passion? 
-Who do you most want to work with? 
-Niched practices in a particular area of interest are the most successful
-Why Stress Reduction may be a strategic niche and way to market
-Practice sessions and case examples
-How to use the Quanta Capsule 
Class 8 - Ultimate Success Skills for Effortless Abundance
-Business Planning skills
-Case presentations
-How to make money effortlessly with biofeedback


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