Assemblage Point - Key to Healing the Heart and Body

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Assemblage Point - Key to Healing Heart and Body - For the Genius Biofeedback System

 “Shifting the Assemblage Point is the fast way back to normality, high biological energy and improved mental and physical health. Even in people who have been sick for a long time, realignment can make a significant contribution to their recovery.”

Learn what the Assemblage Point in the body is, why it MUST be adjusted to fully regain good health, how emotional and physical trauma move the assemblage point and how to use biofeedback to return it to its optimal location. 
Class 1 - What is the assemblage point? Where is the optimal location? Why does illness often occur when it becomes displaced to to emotional and physical trauma, toxic exposure and other challenges. Learn how to assess where the assemblage point has moved to and what that may result in.
2)  Left/Right Brain Balance & Locations of assemblage point displacement - why we have so much displacement and why there are specific locations of displacement. Example - much left brain activity and stress results in frequent right side displacements. Right sided displacements are very common because of the world that we live in. Understanding why High Beta frequencies (25 Hz or higher) can be dangerous to human health. Learn the ideal brain frequencies, how to achieve them and how they relate to assemblage point health. 
3) Learn about the 4 Left Brain Lobe Circuits and the 4 Right Brain Circults and how they are connected to the proper functioning of the assemblage point and human health. 
4) How to heal the assemblage point with the Genius Biofeedback System. How to use biofeedback and Young Living Oils to bring the assemblage point back to its rightful location and to restore good health. 
This class includes ALL recordings and all panels that are specifically designed to move the Assemblage Point back into its optimal location. This process works best when combined with emotional balancing and Young Liivng Oils applied to certain points and meridians. We will be discussing this protocol during our class. 
Healing the Assemblage Point is one of the most important ways you can help people and help yourself to thrive! Includes 4 Instructional videos on the Assemblage Point and how to shift it! AND all Assemblage Point panels are included! 
The Assemblage Point is a vortex of energy and is said to be the energetic opening through which the soul enters the body. If one has trauma in one's life, this important energetic center could shift to a different location and forever alter the flow of energy in the body.

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