Genius Mastery Manual

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Genius Mastery Manual 


Understand the Genius in minutes! Finally, a quick and distilled version of what the Genius is and how to use it for maximum benefit! Ariel Policano has 5 years of training people in mobile application based biofeedback software! Learn from experience. I've put everything I understand about the Genius into this easy to understand and digest book. It takes the complex topics and makes them easy. 


In the manual, you will also discover that the screens and the items within the screens are defined. I give you the best understanding - and strategies - to inform you about your results and let you know what to do about them. This is one of the best ways to learn the Genius in a short amount of time! See the Table of Contents below! 










Genius Insight Mastery Guide includes training in all the basic functions of the program, the greater meaning of the items in each of the categories and strategies for balancing.

Product Reviews

Written by Penelope Anne Johnson on 5th Aug 2017

Great Concise Reference Tool

Great to have on hand when using the app for quick, easy referencing. I LOVE this manual. So simple to use and understand but masses of high quality information.

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