Genius Mastery Guide - E Version

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Genius Mastery Guide - Electronic Version only

Understand the Genius in minutes! Finally, a quick and distilled version of what the Genius is and how to use it for maximum benefit! Ariel Policano has 5 years of training people in mobile application based biofeedback software! Learn from experience. Every panel in the Genius, along with each item within the panel is clearly defined in the Mastery Guide. 

  • Get your first testing session set up successfully.
  • Learn about each of the 27 testing panels in the Genius.
  • Be able to explain what the Genius does to friends, family and clients.
  • Increase your success rate with tips and strategies in the guide.
  • Use the entire Genius, with all its functions, more successfully with this easy to understand guide!
  • Worth the investment 10 times over!

"Dr. Ariel has a unique way of conveying information in a way that is very efficient and easy to understand! Really, this training tool is a MUST HAVE." - Kelly Huggett, Long-time Genius user, Del Mar, CA 








The Genius Mastery Guide helps you to understand the philosophy of the Genius. It is a simple to understand version of all the features and testing screens inside the program. Master the Genius in the fastest time possible and maximize your results!

Product Reviews

Written by Carol Logan on 8th Nov 2017

Mastery Guide e version

Could not be without it. Transformed my use of Genius Insight.

Written by Rosemary Bourne on 15th Oct 2017

Genius Insight Training Manual

I appreciate investing in Dr. Policano's well-detailed and organized guide. Dr. Policano has listed details on the Genius' panels making it convenient to answer questions our friends, family, and clients may have. Additional helpful information is shared heightening our expertise in operating the Genius insight. For example, it is very handy to learn what hormone is associated with weight loss. I have a client that I have been regularly harmonizing that hormone now that I learned about it. Dr. Policano is generous with her extensive knowledge base

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