Genius Insight Desk Reference Success Cards

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Are you interested in getting exceptional results from your Genius Insight App? To be successful as a biofeedback practitioner, it is all about making the connections!

Now, make the connections quickly with these beautiful Professional Desk Reference Cards! In seconds, you can give meaning to the Genius Insight App results you discover for your client. What is the meaning of Nogier B? Or Solfeggio 639 Hz? Just consult the cards right there at your fingertips!


Even more than that, the powerful tables on these cards help you to make powerful connections! It is making the connections and seeing the patterns that really makes all the difference. Help your client to tell their story! Get quicker, better, more results with greater impact. These cards are beautiful protected "never-tear" beautiful color copies that resist water and last for years - all clipped together 



- Aura Meaning Quick Guide - finally, a quick way to understand the meaning of the changes in the aura! 

- Solfeggio Quick Guide - Quickly relay the meaning of the various Solfeggios. Did you know that 285 Hz assists in restoring tissues to their optimal frequency? 

- Nogier Quick Guide - Let folks know the meaning of the Nogiers. For example, Nogier A is excellent for restoring cellular vitality. 

- Today's Stress Quick Guide

- Flower Essences Quick Guide

- Spinal Energy Quick Guide

- Spinal Energy Protocol 

Genius Insight Desk Reference Success Cards

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